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Post Your Desk


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Nov 18, 2008
Windsor Ontario
haha, isn't moe the best? :bleh: I think they are all tsundere also with the exception of lucky star...

The picture doesn't do the desk any justice, it's actually quiet large in person. Damn thing cost me $350 after tax (damn real wood and not fiberboard) I didn't notice the tims cup in the picture until i uploaded it :haha: A result of having one right across the street :thumb:
they call him.......WHITFIELD! Destroyer of Worlds!:shok:
The only way you can tell if a person is a Canadian is by the cup of Timmies in their hand, and in your case, on your desk. :canadianwave:

Hey Bab, am I losing my my mind or did you name your cat after a ghoul?


Dec 6, 2008
Thunder Bay
I love the desk CRUNCHBITE look very nice I have a similar sized desk but it's made of plywood...might I ask where you got it...I love the real wood and glass combo.
I actually got the desk at Staples, It was going on clearance and was actually on sale. If you don't mind spending a bit of money they're desks are built extremely well.


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Dec 3, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Actually I don't use FCP very often and further more I don't use that Mac very often at all. I was doing a big contract and I made that rig part of the deal because we were filming on the (at the time new) Sony HD cameras and thier format wasn't yet comatible with Premiere or Avid - it cost the employer over $10,000 and it's a POS. Despite the 8 cores, 16gigs of RAM, the RAIDED drives, and the Quatro 4500 that orange rig next to it outperformed it in every just about way with a single Opteron 185, 4GB RAM, SLi 8800's and a MatroxRTE. I was shocked an amzed how how incredibly unefficient the ProMacs are - never again would I consider an Apple product (except the keyboards... they are pimp). For under 5k you culd build a PC that would CRUSH a loaded 15k ProMac in content creation applications.

I usually use a combination of the Adobe suite and Avid for my editing and motionography work, however I've recently been playing a lot with processing and flash in an attempt to develop some fun experimental multi-touch interfaces, and code generated motionography.

The new slim apple keyboards work just fine on any windows machine, and are hands down the finest keyboards I'ver ever typed on. I'm in the process of modding one of the wireless ones with black keys and a copper/carbon fiber finish for my PrometheusCU project.


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Nov 19, 2008
well yeah, of course you can, but the question is:

Does Steve Jobs approve?

I think not :p


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May 14, 2007
Grande Cache, AB
Screw Steve.
After I replaced my old Mac I ran OS X on my previous PC rig for a few months but eventually gave it up..
I used my old black Apple Pro keyboard with that PC for as long as I had the 'board because it's volume keys worked in windows but I recently gave it up so that I could use my old PS/2 keyboard due to it having pause and print screen keys.(the apple board had F13-F15 instead and windows did not like them)

So yea, screw Steve and Apple. I will continue to like old Macs but not the new ones.
Steve made me convert in the so called wrong way.(from Mac OS to Windows) I may hate Windows but at least it most of the time it allows me to do what I want to do with my hardware and software... I guess... kinda... ....
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Dec 1, 2008
"Fun with powertools". Sheets of 3/4" Maple ply, and solid Maple for framing and edging. Sandblasted glass in the door panels.

Door frame construction:

Favourite tool ever. The *other* kind of router.

Partway through, getting some gloss going (resting on plywood, that's not part of the desk!). Notice the liquid sheen. Add 4 more layers of spray varathane and it's got a tough as nails finish which has lasted a few years already.

Finished article, and my workspace

Good sound systems and tube amplifiers FTW. (Oh and agree with previous poster Mac keyboards kick butt as well)