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Post Your Desk


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Jan 19, 2009
Eagles Fan ? Sweet setup.
Thanks. I LOVE the Eagles. I'm in Newfoundland and managed to get to Philadelphia twice this year to see two games. The season opener Sept 7 Vs. the Rams with a 38-3 victory (YEAH!) and went back for a Sunday Night game Nov 9 Vs. the Giants with a 31-36 loss (BOO!).

That picture was taken shortly after painted the room and setup the TV. I actually have 10 jerseys hung on the walls now, along with pictures, posters, etc. I've added 3 more 1:80 diecast tracker trailers and a 1:87 one (didn't realize it was smaller when ordering) and a 6" monter truck. Behind where I was standing to take the photo I have a bookshelf with movies on it on the top I have some footballs and a fullsize helmet. My most recently addition is one of those locker room photos with your name on a jersey, it was $50 from Costco in a frame.

I actually don't have any shots with those things setup at the moment and I continue to add new items when I see the. Here is a couple examples of jerseys on the wall before I painted and a shot of my fullsized helmet that I actually wear sometime just for fun. Also I really like my scoreboard light. Some people say I'm obsessed, they say things like "You're Obsessed, I bet you have enought Eagles shirts that you could wear a different one each day of January" I typically respond with things like "Until I can wear a different one for each day of the year I'm not obsessed" I have enough Jerseys that I could wear a different one for each of the 16 regualar season games and the pre-season since I have around 20 but not all of them are current players like the Kearse one pictured. I do proudly wear my T.O. jersey with the OWENS plate removed to honor Jason Avant who now wears 81. I've been hoping to find a place that does custom name plates so I could get one with AVANT on it.



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Oct 23, 2008
Mat I love your work on the FT-01. Nice setup you got.


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Nov 7, 2008
Desk pictures

My desk pictures:

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Feb 17, 2009
Fort McMurray, AB
Heres some crummy shots of my room, havent gotten around to upgrading from my Canon powershot A400 =(

The desk... Wallmart special! small but it works.

Hitachi baby! and not the brand of TVs... from my travels to Ft mac, actually climbed around on the EX8000. ALWAYS ORANGE!

My custom computer stand... I think my dad made it in highschool, quite a long time ago but it was free and keeps the PC off the ground.

A little more exposure ... and no tripod.

Cm-690 in all its glowing glory..

the X6 showing off some of its amber light.. as well as the LG 22.6" flatron.

Last but not least, behind my chair, my little buddy Shifty the leopard gecko, shes almost 5 years old now and obviously hates pictures. Not staring the photos though are my 2 female ferrets Sika and Lexus.


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