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Precedent setting life sentence for Baumgartner, 40 years no parole.


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Jun 25, 2010
Wow. People are so opinionated here.....

All I gotta say is I'm glad HWC'ers aren't running the country! :canadianwave: Phew.

No doubt, lol.

Hope no one here ever gets wrongfully accused of murder, somewhere that the death penalty is an option. Might be put to death, and realise that it is not a good option after all.

Gosh darn people are dark here :bleh:


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Feb 3, 2008
Czech republic
But it could happen to anyone - witch is why this (death penalty) is definitively a bad idea.

Not to mention that justice does work differently, based on who the accused person is. Just recently in one article about build up to WW1 I realized, that during that time, France was entertaimed by the Henriette Caillaux trial. In nutshell, wife of Minister of Finance took her revenge on journalist, that publish damning information from personal letters about how hypocrite her husband are (at least in politics). She shoot him six times (died in 6 hours) and good lawyer convinced the jury that this was a crime of passion, and that resulted in her acquittal on 28 July 1914...

O. J. Simpson in making :)