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Problem with cpu cooler and ram please help!


Jul 15, 2018
Hello everyone.Im building my first pc and i have already half of the components.

Meshify c tg

I7 8700

Asus tuf gaming pro h370

Dark rock 4.

From what i can see the clearance with ram is 23.15 mm so its almost impossible to fill all 4 dimms with ram.Can i change the fan of the cooler to make it an exhaust near the rear fan of the case or this will dramatically decrease the performance?i know that i can move the fan upwards but this will give another 10mm of room for ram.And ive heard moving the fan will decrease efficiency.can anyone help me on what to do?(cpu cooler is sealed so im also thinking of returning it and getting something like aio)any tip is major help.thanks
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