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Project Blurple: or how much can you stuff in an M8


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Nov 22, 2014
Ottawa, Canuckistan
I actually need a much bigger UPS to properly test this thing. I can currently almost tap out my EVGA 1000W PSU. This thing pulls 558W from the wall using *just* CPU benchmarking, like Cinebench R23, if I unlock PBO. If I do that, AND overclock the GPUs, it's too much for the 1500VA / 900W UPS. It shrieks in pain during Time Spy's second graphics test. I never thought I'd have a 1000W PSU and think "hmmm, might not be enough". What an age we live in, LOL!

Bond007: pretty much, even with the fans all dialed down and everything set to silent mode. :cool:

JD: I don't know about "well used", I could have saved myself TONS of pain by simply dropping the 360 from beneath the motherboard and the 240 in the rear. But I wanted to stuff it like a sardine tin, so I did. 🙃