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Completed Project: Chronos


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Jul 4, 2009
Waterloo, ON
Ah I see if it looks good it should work good too..... Why are you surprise to have no leak? Are you not confident in your work?

I dunno, this was my first time doing any sort of significant aftermarket cooling upgrade, and like many beginners, I expected that I would make mistakes. I guess I was careful enough in the installation phase that I managed to avoid any serious issues. Let's just say, this watercooling upgrade has definitely boosted my confidence in my work :thumb:

First time posting in this thread but I've been following it from the start. Honestly. I have to say that thing looks so sexy, and I can't wait to see how it performs with those huge fans! Just where do you get the cash for all this?!?

And that 800D is just sexy. And it's extra suited for watercooling it seems, perhaps not so much for standard air cooling though. If I ever get my act together and get a WC setup, this is going to be the case for it.

Between the RESP my parents saved for me and my full-time co-op job(s), somehow I manage to find enough cash after tuition and rent to afford crap like this. Of course, the money left over, after satisfying my tech cravings, for things like food is meager at best :haha: We all have our priorities.

Very nice.. Proper job done mate, that looks beautiful.. You're doing the case a little in-justice not sleeving those darn cables.. C'mon :p..

That's next on the list miggs, just you wait :bleh:

Anyway, Chronos is up and running beautifully once more. Once Windows booted up and Everest launched, I was shocked to see the extreme difference in the idle core temperatures between the stock air cooler(s) and the water cooling setup. Given a couple hours to stabilize, Everest tells me that the GPU is idling at 34ºC (previously 49ºC on air), and the idle temps on the CPU cores range from about 32ºC to 35ºC (previously between 46ºC and 49ºC with the Intel stock cooler), with my thermostat telling me it's 70ºF in here (~21ºC). When idling, no temp on the Everest sensor page reads above 36º, which seems absolutely incredible to me. This is the point where I did a little dance and relished the sweet taste of victory.

I snapped a couple of pics with everything set up once again. Here's a shot of the computer back at the desk, using the flash (god, it makes everything look so dusty :doh:):


Without the flash however, you get to see the glow from the white LED stick I attached to the side of the radiator (facing downwards). It does a pretty decent job of illuminating everything, although it does miss the components right under the rad (obviously). Please excuse my awful photo equipment/skills:


Tomorrow, I'll be cranking up (and back!) the clocks, and I'll report back in once I get something I'm happy with (along with a full set of load temps, naturally :thumb:).

It's been a wild ride, everyone. Thanks for all your support. :punk:


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Folding Team
Jan 17, 2008
Langley, BC
Very nice work steers. We've got pretty much the same assortment of WC parts. I'm looking forward to getting mine all installed next week.

For your res, you could use a 45 with compression on the inlet, and use the bottom outlet with a compression as well. Then your lone visible barb disappears.


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Feb 10, 2008
Calgary, AB
Darn you 2 guys make me jealous :p.. Can't wait to afford a HAF 932, I got everything I need now.. primochill tubing/apogee gtz/triple rad/mcp 655/swiftech res to cool the stuff in my sig..

Anyhow.. steers I admire your build.. I like when people put effort in configuring a loop, some believe to just do the loop in a matter of hours, but it really helps to think out the layout first, get the parts in, check for issues, and then do the loop.

Great work, will wait for sleeving :p


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Nov 7, 2008
Burnaby, B.C.
Wow man, those are pretty good temps. Cram another 120 rad or two in there for the hell of it, see what happens :p


And post pics, or it didn't happen :p


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Dec 25, 2007
Brandon, Manitoba Canada
love the build it was great to see the use of the Corsair case as its my case of choice (unless for some reason I have extra money and get a Mountain Mods UFO)

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