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Case Mod Project Fuel by Tpbmods


Jan 12, 2020
What a wild project this one was...The Inwin 925 is by far the most prestigious case Ive ever worked with.
An absolute crowd pleaser at work and 100k views on Tpbmods, THIS IS FUEL!

Spec List:
CPU - i7 8700k Delidded @5.2ghz
Mobo - Maximus X Code in that Floro Red
GPU - RTX 2070S on EKWB Vector Acrylic
Ram - TeamGroup Vulcan Z 16gb (Thanks to Mikes Computer Shop)
PSU - Inwin pb1250w Sleeved with Teleios(Mainframe), combed with Clockwerk ind. Knuckles
Storage - TeamGroup Delta Max ARGB SSD
Lighting - TeamGroup Captain ARGB Controller
Cooling - Inwin Aurora 120 ARGB

Watercooling - All EKWB Baby! That FLT 360 d5 was a NIGHTMARE to get in here.
Combined with 2 360x45 rads, and a whole plethora of Quantum Torque fittings, the Velocity blocks kept everything chilly.
And I cant forget that gorgeous res designed by Leighton B!