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Want to Sell Q6600 G0, PA120.3, Muskin 4 Gb DDR2 kits, Watercooling, etc...


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Oct 9, 2008
Quebec City
Muskin 4 Gb DDR2 kit and D-Tek Fuzion CPU v2

I'm currently doing some cleanup of my parts to make more space. A few rules :

-All items is sold AS-IS with only a 48 hours DOA warranty. If you got a item which is DOA, you have 48 hours from the reception date to make a claim. To be refunded, you must ship back the defective item at your expense and refund doesn't include shipping charges (This is on a case per case basis and I'm open to other ideas).
-All the items for sale is all in working condition when I package them (unless noted otherwise).
-You need to be registered on HWC for more than a few days to qualify. Otherwise, please provide other references.
-I will use Canada Post for shipping (I'm a Venture One member). I will pick the priority based on price and if you wanted to get it faster, you pay the extra price above the regular parcel price.
-I will never ever ship first.
-You can calculate the shipping from G1C 0E9 to get a idea.
-My heatware is under Xilikon with 56-0-0 as feedback.
-I will take Paypal or money order. If you want to send a money order, you have 7 days to get this to me or the item get back for sale.
-I cannot take EMT since I'm with a credit union which doesn't offer that.
-Everything include original package unless noted otherwise.

Now for the goods :

-Q6600 G0 (batch L723A765, very good overclocker), CPU only (no package or heatsink) : SOLD
-WD6400AAKS (Warranty good till 6/15/2011) : SOLD
-Mushkin XP2-6400 Ascent 2x2Gb DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 2.0-2.1v (996622) : SOLD
-Mushkin HP2-6400 2x2Gb DDR2-800 5-4-4-12 1.8-2.1v (996587) : SOLD
-Thermochill PA120.3 radiator in good condition (a single dent in a corner, came that way as ordered directly from Thermochill in UK) with old 24.5mm spacing and 6-32 tapped fan holes.The price include G3/8" to G1/4" adapter, 6-32 SS socket cap head screws and gasket : SOLD
-XSPC Reservoir Top for Laing DDC. Very clean, like new : SOLD
-D-Tek Fuzion v2 CPU waterblock with Pro Mount, quad mid-plate and backplate : 30$

-EK-NB S-MAX Acetal chipset waterblock (include custom-made backplate for stiffness), fit those motherboards : SOLD
-2x EK-MOSFET ASUS 3a (one modded to fit the Maximus Formula) with the backplate, fit those motherboards : SOLD
-Enzotech SB heatsink in copper : 10$

Pics of the goodies :
http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c338/Xilikon/FS/DSC_0086.jpg[/IMG ]

Come back often, more items will be added soon :canadianwave:
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