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Random BSOD/Reboot


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Nov 3, 2010
Specs of the system in question:

  • Rampage III Black
  • i7 980x
  • 24GB RAM
  • 2x Vertex 3 240GB Max IOPS (previously was just one Vertex 2)
  • Antec TPQ-850w
  • GTX 580

Here's what happens:

At random times, I will hear the device removed sound, and moments later a blue screen and reboot. The Vertex 3's are in RAID 0 on the Marvell controller. When the reboot occurs, one of the SSDs disappears. HOWEVER, this is not the cause of it as previously just one Vertex 2 was on the Intel controller and the issue persisted.

So for troubleshooting:

  • Rampage III Black - RMA'd, still BSOD
  • i7 980x - RMA'd, still BSOD
  • 24GB RAM - tried 12GB from a stable system, still BSOD
  • 2x Vertex 3 240GB Max IOPS (previously was just one Vertex 2) - switched to Vertex 2, still BSOD
  • GTX 580 - switched with another from a stable system, still BSOD
  • Windows 7 - reinstalled fresh, still BSOD

Which leaves just the power supply. I'm not too fond of pulling all the wires out to try another. Tried a power supply tester, and it appeared fine. But since it's the only part that hasn't been replaced, could it be causing the issue?
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