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random shut down+boot problems


Jan 14, 2012
Ok, I've been having weird problems with my build recently and I haven't been able to figure anything out about it, slightly afraid its a virus. The computer at first seemed to be shutting itself off, but its usually going into an s3 sleep state and windows resumed where it left off, or display a restoration error.

But here's the weird part. When it's starting up, usually there will be no video feed, or any response at all from the motherboard and only the ps2 port works. Then, after multiple attempts it will finally get going again and usually give me the windows error screen about deleting restoration data. Now this has been happening what seems to be randomly, but never when i am actually using the computer or for that matter never when I'm in the room.

I checked everything internally, no water cooling leak, CPU is normal heat wise and isn't fried etc. I've been delaying deleting windows for as long as possible, but is that going to be my only fix at this point? Any help is really appreciated! Thanks!

Also specs:
i7 2600k
evga gtx 580 SC
asus maximus IV mobo
8 GB corsair vengeance 1600 mhz
Antec HCP 1200w
XSPC 360mm radiator cooling loop
1 tb WD caviar black


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Oct 1, 2011
/Run the "free trifecta"
1: Spybot search and destroy
2: malyware bytes
3: antivirus (i use avg, but use w/e you like)

/Run CCleaner
1: scan for registry problems
2: make backup (it'll prompt you, don't worry)
3: fix registry issues

/Run windows repair utility
1: put windows disk in the drive
2: restart computer
3: boot from cd and run the repair utility

If this doesn't work proceed to hardware trouble shooting

Good luck, and god speed!

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