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Raspberry Pi 4 now has 8GB RAM


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Oct 3, 2007
I never could get a HD to boot from the 4 GB pi 4 which is sad, but I would go for this new one and use it for basics like torrents and youtube web browsing email not sure if it could handle doing all that at the same time this is what I use my laptop for web browsing and torrenting youtube I love linux os but since this laptop already has win 10 on it no reason to dual boot or install linux but again if that raspi can handle multi tasking like you tube and torrenting and email web browsing I would definitely grab it . I have to 4 GB one which I use for kodi at first I installed Raspbian then kodi but it ran like crap so I had to install librelec it works great haven't tried installing any thing that streams off the net . my last raspi3 I had LibreElec then installed some non official streaming add ons on it and it lagged bad I ended up giving the box away after reinstalling libreelec and gave up on it. then pi 4 came out I did the same but leaving it stock just using hard drive with stored filesd that is attached to my router. this issue I am having with this pi4 4 gb is bluetooth is spotty and I cannot get my bluetooth ear headphones to work at all in libreelec I tried for a few days and just gave up

I just spotted this
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May 27, 2009
Interesting to see they that they came out with an 8GB model/version. There must have been a large demand/request/inquire by a specific crowd of users for more RAM. I'm happy with my 4GB version, can't possibly see what I'd need double that RAM for, but I only use mine as my htpc.


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Feb 7, 2019
A weird thing too is I have run into an issue where the new pis won't boot when you try to use the memory in interesting way. I was using RetroPie and in my test of trying to get some n64 eta stuff to run better figured I have 4GB ram lets crank the GPU memory see what happens.

A no boot is what happens, the GPU allotment happens at the beginging of the ram, and to boot it needed X amout of ram also in the beginging for some reason. So your capped at what I want to say was around 800MB to the GPU or the things won't even boot until you lower it back down again. So for something an extra 4GB ram isn't even going to allow for improvement.

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