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Resolution lower than before


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Oct 28, 2014

a couple of weeks ago my screen resolution suddenly dropped from 1690x1280 to 1280x720 at max resolution .
I fourst thought that my graphic card had problems, it is a NVidia GeForce 86000 GT, so I downloaded the drives but nothing changed . I gave the PC to a friens and he said there were problems with my RAM . My PC is old, it has 5 years . I tried to find the driver for my Intel motherboard but I can't find it, I don't know the motherboards name though.
If you can help me thanks :)



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Aug 21, 2008
Edmonton Area
I don't see this being a RAM issue at all, nor an issue with MB drivers considering you're running off a discreet GPU. (possible I suppose, but unlikely)

This sounds like maybe an auto detect issue for your monitor. What monitor are you using? Have you checked the monitor properties in Device Manager to make sure windows sees the correct model rather than just a generic P&P monitor? If it's listed as P&P, try manually installing the monitor driver.

Another thing to confirm is whether you switched to a VGA cable recently? I think your native resolution is just a tad higher than what VGA supports? (Although it may be bang on the maximum support res... not sure)

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