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Want to Sell Reyzac's Smaller than Expected Hardware Blowout Sale PRICE DROPS


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Aug 25, 2010
Nova Scotia
How's it going, Canucks??

Tore down my three defunct rigs and whatever is still working (or at least not totally hopeless) is up for sale here. Yes most of it is aging, but it all still works fine and some of this stuff could be very useful.

PNY Geforce FX 5200 128MB AGP Graphics Card $30 OBO An excellent, excellent card to inject new life into a junky old rig. Handles BF1942, MoHAA and both expansions and Halo with aplomb. 128MB of DDR memory and a not bad HSF assembly. Two D-SUB outputs and an S-Video out. Plus it's purple :bleh:

DDR Memory Sticks SOLD

7200RPM 80GB IDE Hard Drives and cables $20ea. Silver drive is a Maxtor DiamondMax 16 (which one exactly I don't know because the darn thing has so many numbers on it I can't tell which one is a model number). The black drive is a Western Digital WD800BB. Both work fine and are reasonably quiet. Buy one and get the black ASUS cable or buy both and get the UV-reactive LinkWorld cable.

Intel CPUs, Socket 478 From left to right:
  • 2.40GHz Pentium IV Northwood Rev. D1 $7.50
  • 2.80GHz Pentium IV that I think is also Northwood $8.00
  • 1.60GHz Pentium IV which is a Williamette AFAIK $5.00
  • 2.50GHz Celeron $5.00

The 2.40 and 2.80GHz P4s are surprisingly nice performers--make yourself a rig for the kids or something.

Creative SoundBlaster Audigy II ZS PCI Sound Card SOLD

More DDR Memory Sticks
  • Top right- Hynix HYMD564646BP8J-D43 AA 512MB DDR 400 $10
  • Middle Right- Samsung M368L6423FTN-CCC 512MB DDR 400 $10
  • Bottom Right- SMT SM5643285D8N6CHIBA 256MB DDR 266 $8
  • Middle Left- Azenra 10012163 256MB DDR 266
  • Bottom Left- No-name 256MB

The two 256MB sticks can only be bought together. The price for both is $8.

Danger Den Brass Fillport with 3/8" Fat Boy fitting $9.50 Includes the Allen key that I degreased :biggrin: Buy this and you get the DD Polymer Tee fitting free.

Danger Den Fat Boy 3/8" Barbed Fittings $1.50ea. or $5 for the lot Some slight cosmetic damage to a couple of them but otherwise perfect.

Koolance VL3N Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • VL3N-F10B Female with 3/8" Barbed Fitting $10
  • VL3N-M10B Male with 3/8" Barbed Fitting $10
  • VL3N-MG Male Panel Mount $10

Or $25 takes the lot. The -M10B and -F10B come with their respective hose clamps.

Danger Den Black Ice 120.1 Radiator $20 Very nice rad that comes with the fan mounting screws and the case mounting screws in the original box. Takes one 120mm fan (not included.)

Danger Den TDX Water Block for Intel Socket 478 $25 Acrylic top, comes with two 3/8" Fat Boy fittings that already have Teflon tape applied to the threads. Includes all hardware in a bag in the original box. One of the thumbscrews that holds the block down came from the factory with a damaged thread or something, bottom line is it won't thread onto the mounting rods. I have included a suitable replacement nut, though. No accelerator nozzles.

Magicool LP-PUMP4P "Compact Low Noise" pump $25 When they say low noise they really mean it; this thing is really quiet. Permanent 3/8" fittings with internal threads for bigger fittings. Molex-powered.

MSI USB 2.0 Bracket $4.50 Connects via internal mobo headers. Adds two USB 2.0 ports.

Rosewill RCX-Z200 92mm Socket 478 CPU Cooler $10 Great Socket 478 cooler. Includes mounting clips and one of those plastic cooler retention thingies for s478.

An Assortment of Fans *NEW*
  • AVC D8025B12A1 80mm $2
  • AVC F9025SL2L 92mm $3
  • COOLER MASTER BS501012M 50mm $2
  • COOLER MASTER AFB0712MB 70mm $2.50
  • Colorful CF-054075 40mm $1
  • FTC FD06015B1M 60mm $1 Has no connector.
  • YS Tech F01250105B 50mm $2
  • Nidec TA350DC 92mm $4
I don't remember the exact order they are in in the pic but I think I could tell you anyway. The Nidec is a Dell replacement OE fan whose connector I modified that can work with any old fan header. First person to buy a Molex-powered fan gets the molex to three-pin adapter cable.

Please excuse the extremely crappy pics, my good camera broke last week :doh: They're in order.
Everything is in near perfect condition unless otherwise noted.

MORE THINGS COMING SOON!!! Payment options can be discussed. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.


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Oct 4, 2007
Pro tip: Your camera should have some sort of macro mode. (Usually a flower icon) - It'll help you take close up pictures!

Also bump!

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