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Roku + Wifi issues// alternatives?


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Oct 31, 2010
Hey guys

My tower is in my office and it has many hdd with all my libraries, movies,anime,etc mkvs
I was told to buy a roku and use plex to stream to my tv since it was too far from the pc and i wont want a hdmi cable running across the whole floor in the house.

The roku works great and plex as well.
The issue is all my wifi devices started having connectivity issues: dropping or slow, not loading etc...
Had to reset my router everyday for it to work. I tried getting a dual band router 5ghz/2.4ghz and seperating the roku and my wifi devices but still having issues. Roku forums and reddit forums confirm roku is the culprit somehow due to wifi direct or adhoc setup with the remote.

Soooo my question is, what is a good alternative to roku. The device needs to be able to fetch my library wirelessly so either it can be a streaming device or it can be a miniPC on shared network.
Any suggestions that wont cause wifi interference with my tablets/phones? Preferably can run plex or has it already or something equivalent. Not too pricey hopefully



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Jan 2, 2007
Dargaville, New Zealand
Understand in my reply --- I have no idea on the layout of your setup. No idea on where, how far, how many walls or floors or anything you're having to deal with and I have no idea what you have tried to date.

There many options you could try-
Try different wifi channels ...
Try to move your wifi closer to the roku...
Better Antenna for you wifi (not sure this is an option)...
Get your wifi unit as high as you can...
Buy a better wifi...
Run a network cable under floor or through walls (yes, I know it is a pita.. but you only have to do it once)...
Wifi extender...
Run plex on your smart phone or tablet and then have it mirrored onto the roku/tv (still possible wifi issues)
Try powerline networking...

Good Luck...

Edit -

Dammit ....I miss read forgive me :doh:

I did find this though...have you tried it?
Here are the instructions to fix it.

  1. Start up the Roku and get to the home screen.
  2. Press these 10 buttons quickly: HOME-HOME-HOME-HOME-HOME-FFWD-PLAY-REWIND-PLAY-FFWD
  3. Select “Wireless Secret Screen” from the menu choices
  4. Select “Interference” from the menu choices
  5. Choose “None”
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Mar 30, 2012
A chromecast may be the cheapest/easiest solution. Just install plex on your phone or tablet (need to pay for a lic, one time purchase).

Edit: you can also cast from any machine running the plex webpage in chrome if you install the chromecast app but I believe you're limited to 720p in this scenario.

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