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RTX 3000 and Big Navi are Going to Have MASSIVE Amounts of Memory!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with Nvidia, in the last few weeks, a whole lot has come out regarding the announcement and launch date of the RTX 3000 series of GPU's. In around July, we expected them to land in between August and October. Well, new information has popped up from different sources and we can now narrow most of the lineup.

Gamers nexus received information from a board partner that the announcement would be made on or around September 9th. As for the actual launch schedule, and the number of cards at said launch, it looks like Nvidia is going to try to cover all its bases against AMD.

According to this article from WCCFTech later picked up and supplemented by Igor's lab, Nvidia is planning to launch 3 cards in September. The 3 new RTX cards would be comprised of a top of the line 24GB card, likely the replacement for the 2080ti or titan RTX, a 10gb card, likely the replacement for the 2080 super and an 8gb card, following the trend down to replace the 2070 super.

Now those are the September releases, believe or not, 3 other cards are also on the way, a 20GB version of the 2080 super replacement would release in the first half of October, and 2 other cards with 16gb and 8gb of VRAM are still TBD.

Now, why would Nvidia make two 2080 replacements: one with 10 and one with 20gb of VRAM ? and 2 2070 super replacements with 8 and 16gb? Well, the current rumors point at AMD’s Big Navi GPU’s having 16 and 12gb variants, so if AMD’s new cards can keep up with the 3080’s, then Vram could be the deciding factor. As for why Nvidia would delay the 20gb card, well, Rumors point at big Navi making its first appearance on October 7th. So, they might wait to make sure they price it properly or just to steal AMD’s thunder if the announcement is indeed in October.

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