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RTX 3000 GPU’s Benchmarked! The End of 3DMark Leaked Benchmarks!


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Oct 2, 2006

Yesterday was one of the biggest days of the year in terms of news. And I rewrote the script for this video like 4 times trying to include the most important things. But you know what I’m done. We’re talking about everything so Buckle up!

So, let’s get started with Nvidia. We just got the first benchmark for an unidentified GPU from the company, and its a pretty impressive one. Compared to current GPUs, a standard 2080Ti on the 3d mark TimeSpy benchmark scores around 14 000 points. Take it up a notch and a titan RTX scores about 15 000. Lastly, a heavily stock overclocked MSI Lightning Z 2080ti can score around 15 000 too.

This new mystery Ampere GPU though, it scores a whopping 18 257 on that same benchmark. That’s 30% faster than the stock 2080ti and about 20% faster than the 2080ti Lightning Z. Other than that we got the clock speed for the GPU too. it was caught running at 1935Mhz. It says that the memory clock is at 6000Mhz but this is probably an error in memory detection on 3d mark’s part.

There was also another GPU with lower scores found by Tum Apisak. This time it scored much lower at around 16500 points and at the same clock speeds. So there’s a chance that those 2 chips are the alleged 3090 and 3080ti or 3080 ti and 3080. Unfortunately, it seems like 3d mark might have finally caught on to the method used by leakers to find these scores because Tum Apisak just said that 3d mark leaks will be no more. It was nice while it lasted!

So are these scores impressive? Sure, if these are the top of the line cards, 20 to 30% faster than the fastest cards in the market is great, although, the fact that its likely to be available for purchase 2 years later makes it just... Alright. Nothing groundbreaking. What do you guys think?


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Jul 17, 2011
Maybe they will actually have a proper Titan this time around. 30% is a nice bump, the bigger question is always the 3060/3070 range for us mere mortals :D

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