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RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 Super Confirmed by GIGABYTE! RTX 3090 is Not That Great


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with Nvidia. So the RTX 3080 is finally out in the wild. And despite its entire stock vanishing in the second after launch, and yes, that’s a singular second. The reviews and performance look really good for a 700 GPU.BTW, they have a Q&A talking about how bad the launch went, so I’ll link it down below.

Anyways, according to the 14 game average benchmark from hardware unboxed the RTX 3080 scores a 20 to 30% lead over the 2080ti. Really good considering it’s almost half the price of what the 2080ti cost at launch.

But what about the new 1500$ flagship, the 3090! Well, it’s going to be released to the public in 3 days, but just like the 3080, a full suite of benchmarks has already been published. This review comes from the same people who published a full RTX 3080 review before the embargo lift. So for double the price. We should expect a pretty hefty performance boost in gaming right ? not double but something significant I hope. Nope, in fact, not at all. According to the TecLab video, the 3090 is on average about 10% Faster than the RTX 3080. That’s including games that support features such as DLSS and the RTX feature set.

On the low end, you have games like Rainbow six siege at 4k, giving you a mere 5.8% performance increase compared to the 3080, and on the higher end, at 4k once again, death stranding with DLSS and RTX off at an 11.5% increase in performance.