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RX 6700 Specs Spotted! Zen 3 APU’s at 6nm for Rembrandt and more!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD! In the last few months, A leaker named mebius W has been slowly releasing a roadmap for all of AMD’s CPU and APU’s. That roadmap goes as far as the first half of 2022 and gives us some insight on what’s to come.

The most recent update to this roadmap shows us what the APU lineup will offer. If you want to learn about the rest of the roadmap, click here, I have a video on it, but what is new is the specs for Rembrandt.

According to Mebius W, it will feature the Zen 3 architecture and RDNA 2 but this time with a 6nm process. This is surprising since according to AMD’s CPU and GPU roadmaps, 6nm isn’t mentioned anywhere. 6NM or N6 for TSMC, Adds these improvements over N7P or 7nm enhanced: You can get up to an 18% increase in density, more EUV layers, and its essentially a “Drop-in” upgrade, meaning that its design is compatible with N7P. this N6 process would also support DDR5 memory at 5200Mhz. N6 entered risk production earlier this year.


00:00 Rembrandt APU roadmap leak
01:20 Ryzen 5000 Leaks
02:18 RX 6000 Navy Flounder
03:40 Galax RTX 3000 leak