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Ryzen 4950X Engineering Sample Spotted With the Highest Boost Clock!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get Started with AMD. We’ve been waiting for quite a while on some new information about the next generation of Ryzen CPU’s based on the Zen 3. Well, today we got just that.

This information comes from Igor Wallossek from Igors lab and it's a new engineering sample for the successor of the 16 core 32 thread ryzen 3950X. Now we don't have a benchmark but we do have an Ordering part number that gives us new clock speeds. The last time we saw that specific Ordering part number, or OPN, It had a base clock of 3.7Ghz and a boost of 4.6. It looks like AMD made some improvements with the samples since it now features a boost clock of 4.8Ghz. The base clock is lower at 3.5Ghz. Now once again, this is still not the final sample but it's clear that we’re getting closer to that 5Ghz on the AMD side. Not saying that it will reach it, Just that it's getting closer.

Now not only is the boost clock higher, but according to the changelog on the latest Agesa combo update, Vermeer aka Ryzen based on zen 3, will have per-core voltage adjustments giving you more granular controls for overclocking.

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