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S9 or iPhone 8?


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
I'm not kidding myself, and I would beg to differ. I dont see how you not knowing iPhones and not being able to turn it off is even relevant. I certainly dont know how to turn off a Samsung...

Anyways, my point is that my iP4, 6 and 7 all turn off the exact same way, and turn wifi off the exact same way. All of the settings/options are in the exact same location across all three devices. When I back up my phone before porting to a new phone, all of my apps and settings are exactly the same and need zero input (except TouchID needs to be re-set up). I highly doubt that a One+ and S9 and Razr do any of that the same, do they? Like Bond says, Android fragmentation is real.
True, and we may already be into the pissing contest you mentioned :biggrin: but you have to compare Apples to apples har har.

I have had the same experience on generational Google phones (stock Android) as you have had on generational Apple phones. The interface remain relatively the same and just works. Things are automatically restored to my device when I upgrade my phone, etc. etc.

Saying that things working differently across Android phones from DIFFERENT manufacturers isn't a correct comparison. If Apple opened up iOS to other manufactures, allowing them to make it their own, you'd see exactly the same fragmentation over time. Samsung's Android UI is similar across generations, as is One+, as in LG, etc. But no, not between manufacturers. But that isn't a fault of Android, it is the nature of making it open and available for customization. Confusing for consumers? Maybe, but less so if they stay within brand, and at least they have the option to pick something they like better if they leave brand.

It is like Henry Ford's original statement in the early days of car manufacturing: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." Slightly different context there, but you get my point ;) That is the way it is with Apple. Nothing wrong with that but there is no other Apple/iOS implementation to compare it too.

Sorry fubar... we're likely a ways off your OP already! :haha:
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Apr 7, 2008
I am an android user. I do however have an Apple iPhone 7 from my work. I hate it. I so so hate it. I can't stand only having one button. Also the customization of the iPhone is low compared to Android.

Did I mention I hate the one button on iPhone. I really really really do.


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Jan 18, 2012
Awesome, so many replies. Thanks guys. I have to go through the posts. I will just mention one thing, when I was considering which phone, part of the reason that I leaned towards the Samsung is that I am familiar with Android and even though I don't connect to my computer very often, I thought I might have some trouble using the iPhone with my OS - Ubuntu. It was generally stated that it's easier with Android. I also think that stock Android is a more preferable experience so I was trying to get a Pixel 3 but it required much more money up front. I think an iPhone 8 Plus was preferable to the 8 but I fear it might be the same situation. I am not sure I can even exchange the phone now, btw, which I also fear. But, if I decided I want the iPhone 8, I will/would try. This is through Fido at Best Buy. Has anyone ever got their phone there? Koodo supposedly has a good deal or did. But, when I got the phone, the 'good' deal was based on 'customer loyalty' promotion.


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Jul 16, 2007
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Android's fragmentation is decreasing year by year... Google is taking more control of things (whether you consider this good or bad is up to you) and with more companies participating in the Android One program, it removes fragmentation across those phones.

I think most companies have been trending towards a more stock Android UI, Samsung is the only one that continues to think they can do it better :haha:


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Jul 8, 2009
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I can't speak to the S9 as far as hardware, but I've got a Galaxy Note 9 and have been very happy with it. My last samsung was a GSII or GSIII (II I think) and I switched to Sony afterwards as I really hated the TouchWiz spin on Android. Sony's were almost stock android at the time.

With the current iteration of Samsung's version of android it feels close enough to stock android that I haven't had any frustrations, I don't use a voice assistant much, so I'm not totally annoyed by the inclusion of 'Bixby' as their substitute for Google voice or Siri and I remapped the Bixby button for a camera anyway (and you can still use google assistant with the phone).

None of this might help you much, but that's all the input I can really provide.


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Feb 19, 2008
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I really like be able to "sync" all my Apple devices with little to no effort.....my go to Internet Surfing...email...work documents and iMessaging / Facetime/Voice Calls ... etc etc is all done on my Mac Book Pro.....Ive had the thing since 2012 with NO issues..its bullet..a tank....my iphone is an older LE (same size as my previos iP 4...I like a phone in my pocket...not a laptop)....all my contacts..calenders...emails....all sync with no effort at all between devices...even my wifes iPhone and her iPad...no issues from any of the devices connecting to my Home Plex Network....

...A cool feature is sitting on my MBP and my iPhone rings..well I get an alert on my MBP and can answer the incoming call on it...no need to get up to get the phone....its these little things that actually make the experience easier....

.....I am an Apple guy...bought my first Compuer in 1994..Apple Macintosh Performa.....:ph34r:

......My work phone is a Samsung....im lost....bloody thing rings and Im scrambling trying to answer it ......
....just got my Mom here first cell phone...an iP8....she has learned quite quickly hot to use it...texting and voice.....it says a lot ...for my Mother who normally gets messed up with the Shaw Remote:doh:

....perhaps it really simply boils down to what your "used to" .....my one complaint with the iPhone are occasionally you can run into some issues after a major iOS update....fumbling with settings to get everything back to "syncing correctly".....yes Ive cursed my iPhone occasionally :whistle: