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SATA device detection problem


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Feb 25, 2013
Hi! This is my first post. English is not my first language so I apologize about the mistakes.
I just registered to ask something that was driving me crazy for about 3 years with a SATA DVD R/W in my own PC; and now the problem comes back, but with a hard drive, in my girlfriend's PC.

Here are the specs (old mobo, I know :S)
-Mother: Asus M2N68-AM SE
-RAM: 2 x 2gb Kingston ddr2
-1 Sata HD: Western Digital 500 GB (this is causing problems) (3 partitions: C:\ (Boot) 50Gb; D:\ and E:\ (about 200 GB each)

Well, this is the problem:
- For about 4 years, the PC was running smooth, without any problems; running Win7 64 bit Ultimate.
- Suddenly, Win 7 started to run slower and slower, then freeze, then bluescreen or crash.
- When rebooting, and checking the bios start, the sata HD was not being detected.
- As I got the same problem with my SATA DVD, I swaped the sata connector in the MOBO (sata1 to sata 2).
- Restarted and the HD was detected. Was running without any problems about 1 hour or so. Did some HD tests, trying to stress a bit the HD. But no problems. Ran Photoshop, and nothing.
- Then, using Google Chrome, Win7 started to freeze. Tryed to ran the task manager, which responded after 10 seconds. Then Win7 crashed. Restarted and, again, the HD was no detected.
- Swaped again the connectors, and worked. Also, I changed the SATA cable (maybe it was damaged).
- But worked for about 10 minutes and then, again, the same: HD not detected.

- After all of these, I disconnected the SATA drive and connected to another PC (not as 1st boot)
- We copyed all the data in 2 of the 3 partitions (about 300 GB of files). During the copy, nothing happened. The transfer speed was normal.

- Now, I was ready to format and re do the partitions; but wanted to know what could be the problem. For me, it's strange.
* Could be the motherboard?
* Could be the HD? But why we could copy all that data without problems? And why all the test I did were OK?

You could say it is the motherboard, I know but; thinking in the problem I had with my DVD R/W, exactly the same:
- When loading a dvd, did fine; but then started to freeze and need to restart Win 7.
- Swaped connectors: Worked, but just for a while. Sometimes, it could work for about 3 or 4 days and then, freeze.
- Thought it was the connector in the motherboard but now, I bought a SATA HD, connected to one of the same connectors, and works fine.
- Changed the SATA cable: Not working.
- Bought a SATA/IDE to USB (just for testing): Works, sometimes.
- CONCLUSION: The problem is with the DVD R/W (?)

Returning to the main problem, want to know what could be causing this, because:
- If I buy a new mobo, and the problem was the HD= Fail
- IF I buy a new HD and the problem was the MOBO=Fail again.

- Now, as I said, I will format this HD, and re-do the partitions; re-install win 7 and test. If all works fine, the problem was in the HD (SO and partitions? Dunno), somewhere.
- If it fails, again, the problem could be in the MOBO. I would try to connect and IDE HD, install Win7 in it and put the Sata drive just for data storage and test. If it works, the problem is in the mobo, somewhere.
- And if it fails as data storage (not as booting drive), the problem, definitely, would be in the MOBO, but dunno.

It is confusing, comparing it with my problem in my PC, with the SATA DVD R/W; when I thought it was the sata connector in the mobo. But now, it is working, as I said, with a sata drive; without any problem.

Any ideas?

PD: Thanks very much if you read the whole wall of text. Wanted to post this fully detailed. All I know is I have to test and discard, but sometimes I do things that are not necessary; and if I find the solution, I may not be finding the real answer. Cheers!


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Aug 8, 2011
Vancouver, BC
If you have access to another PC, try swapping the power supply first. It may be possible that some of the power connectors are faulty or the power supply itself is faulty. If the problem have been happening for 3 years, it could be the motherboard. Since it's an AM2+ board, you are basically out of luck when replacing it, assuming Asus won't repair it.


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Feb 25, 2013
Hi! Thanks for the reply.

The hard disk problem haven't been hapenning for 3 years :p, but I know my post was a bit confusing...

Now, about the hard disk problem not being detected; I swapped the cables but not the power supply (yet).

An update to this problem:
- When I connected a 250 GB IDE drive, a couple of hours ago (to install Win 7 in there); turned the PC on and the monitor was not detected. Swapped the VGA connection (from PCI-E to VGA and viceversa), and nothing.
- Reseted the bios like 8 times (via jumper and battery), and nothing.
- That monitor works in my other PC.
- Connnected an old CRT monitor, and nothing (just the blinking led)

With all these things happening; yes, could be the motherboard, but I'll try changing the PSU, to discard one more thing.

Thanks for the response!
And sorry my bad english.