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seagate hard drive upgraded wrong gen firmware


Mar 22, 2009
i got a 31500341as seagate 1.5tb hard drive, and one day the hard drive fail msg show on s.m.a.r.t say your hard drive is reallocated sector count error. and i keep using it for few year still no problem, than i go online and research on this hard drive, they say that is totally the firmware problem on this set of hard drive. so i go online and download the firmware call sd1b, and try to fix that firmware bug problem. and when i update that. my drive is totally bugged, i can detect the hard drive and it become 3.95gb only.

than i go seagate forum and do some research, i just find out cc1h firmware verison one can't even update sd1b at all, because it totaly is different gen of it,
so i just wondering, are there any software which i can reroll the firmware back cc1h gen firmware?
because that hard drive is totaly out of warranty for that.

lucky i backup everything before i update the firmware...
if any one know know any trick, please teach me and give me a hand.
thank you


Jun 15, 2007
Pretty sure you would have to telnet into the drive and rewrite firmware with correct version. Not easy, or fun, or worth it IMHO.

Chalk it up to lesson learned and see if you can find a used drive for cheap, or grab a cheap monster drive new.

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