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Secondary USB Display not working with ASUS Video card

Brad P

May 23, 2009
St. John's, NL
Hello all...newbie here.

I am hoping someone can offer a suggestion.

I have a Samsung digital photo frame that serves as a secondary display via USB, aka a mini-monitor. It worked fine with my old ATI 3650HD card. Recently I built a new PC with a ASUS EAH4550 card but can not get the mini-monitor to work. If I go to my display properties, I get the following screens shown in my second post. I also don't know why the mini-monitor is coming up as a default display.

CCC doesn't register the mini-monitor at all. I have updated my graphic card drivers, and used the latest Frame Manager software plus other versions. I can not get this figured out.

If I reboot, the Asus drivers become disabled and my display reverts back to 640x480. Its then I can actually get the mini-monitor to work...when the Asus drivers are not working. If I reinstall the drivers, I go back to square 1 where the mini-monitor will not work.

Can anyone offer any suggestions here? I know its a Samsung problem more than likely but support for the mini-monitor feature doesn't really exist. I called Samsung and they just blame the video card/software.

I have an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, an ASUS P5Q Pro board, Windows XP Pro. The video card drivers are ver 8.600.


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