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Sennheiser HD599se - excellent headphones!

Mr. Friendly

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Nov 21, 2007
British Columbia
I love these things. the headband could be more comfortable, but the earpads are great, no clamping stress and they're lightweight so no fatigue or discomfort from hours of use. I prefer these over my Hifiman 4xx, NAD HP-50's and Blon B8's.

on the side, I do like my HP-50's, they're keepers. don't care much for the B8's myself. I find them too veiled and recessed for the music I like (orchestral / instrumental / epic) but they have better than average bass response. it doesn't muddy, but as mentioned, it's stronger than the mid's or high's, which sound veiled and recessed.

I dunno if dienosaur still has the 2nd pair for sale, but if he does, someone grab them...steel of a deal at the $100 he's asking!