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Should I Buy This PC From My Friend? ~$900CAD for Ryzen 2600 + X470 + 32GB RAM


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Aug 11, 2008
~October is the rumour for AMD's lineup, with GPU's around the same time.

I think you could build a pritty good system for close to the same price. The 2600 isnt really a great processor at ~200. The 3300x is arguably better. I built a pritty sweet setup with a 2060 KO, B450 & 3300x for 1500 with taxes & shipping just recently, and I splurged on things like PSU/mobo/Case & a 1TB SSD.
Yeah she definitely can't wait that long. By the time it gets announced, it probably won't be available for purchase until Black Friday.

I haven't been able to price out a Ryzen build for under $900 centering around the Ryzen 5 3600 and decent mobo with 32GB RAM and stuff. Tried in May and failed. I'll try again tonight when I'm off work I guess. Problem is that the system would need a GPU and GPUs are expensive. No used parts either, unless it's this rig from my friend.

Or she buys Intel and uses the iGPU. I thought she said she games but apparently not.


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May 18, 2011
Question is when are they going to be released? And I don't think the APUs would be able to handle some gaming. She's wanted to buy in May but held it off due to COVID. It's now mid July and she can't wait much longer as her laptop is holding up her productivity.
Fair enough. I still think that used PC will be marginal for video edit. What software is she using?