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So I think I just killed my motherboard while installing two fans


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Nov 11, 2010
I have a corsair 600t case and the top 200mm fan stopped working so I ordered two new 120mm fans to replace it. They are plugged into the case controller. I also bought a new cpu cooler as my h60 was starting to make weird noises at the pump so wanted to play it safe.

Anyways, got the two top fans in and powered up the pc to test only to realize that my monitors and keyboard leds arnt turning on. Power seems to be going to everything though. I took out my gpu and plugged the monitor into the onboard dvi port no dice. Also, temporarily plugged in the new cpu cooler, which powers on but again no post. Iv looked around and dont see any loose cables. None of the case fans were plugged into the fan headers on the mobo. Any ideas?

Gigabyte z97 gaming-3 motherboard

i7 4790k

2x8gb corsair vengeance ram

Edit: I spoke a little too soon. I took out the ram which resulting in a power loop then installed them back but in the other two dimm slots and it booted. Installed the fans again. Wouldnt boot, so i put the ram back in the original dimms and booted. Weird eh?
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