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Want to Sell [SOLD]2 Lenovo Laptops T440 and T440S $350ea

The Great Gazoo

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Dec 14, 2014
BC Lower Mainland
Thanks to the buyers for making quick transactions on these. More deals coming up for you folks later this year on laptops.

I have two Lenovo laptops for sale. Easy no haggle price of $350 each includes shipping anywhere in Canada.

1. T440S - 4GB RAM, i5-4300U, 500GB HDD, 16GB Readyboost M.2 SSD, 1600x900 display, Win10 Pro Ver 1903. A bit slimmer and lighter than the T440, carbon fiber and magnesium.

2. T440 - 8GB RAM, i5-4300U, 500GB HDD, 16GB Readyboost M.2 SSD, 1600x900 display, Win 10 Pro Ver 1903.

3. Thinkpad Dock, model 40A1, VGA DVI and Display port. 6 USB ports including three 3.0 ports. $50 + $20 shipping.

Local meetup may be available in the GVA area. Payment via e-Transfer.


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Cannon Fodder

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May 5, 2010
Mission, BC
As in the past, I'm sure some folks will jump on these, but just a heads-up for those that may be "on the fence"..... don't hesitate, cuz Gazoo sells some good laptops! :thumb:
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