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Want to Sell Sold Refurbished NIB OCZ RevoDrive 3 PCI 240GB SSD


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Apr 7, 2009
Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Would you like to own a brand new blazing fast SSD for you rig. Of course you would. Recently my old RevoDrive quit unexpectedly as hard drives do sometime and I sent it back to OCZ for replacement. Say what you will about OCZ they are fast on RMA's, sent the busted drive in on Friday last week and got the new drive today. This drive as is the case for most SSDs (that I use anyway make great OS drives) but I already have my replacement Intel 520 loaded and running Win7 and I don't feel like installing this and using for storage as I think it is a waste of it's potential.

If you do decide to purchase this fine PCI SSD and use it for your OS let me know and I'll pack up a CD with the appropriate drivers that you will need in order to use it as a boot drive.

Price is reasonable I think but I'm open to sensible offers: $150 Canada post shipping included.

Payment can be made using EMT or cash if you happen to live in the Halifax or Truro areas.

Edited 9/6/2013 at 2119 atlantic: Item is refurbished. Sorry if this caused confusion. I didn't notice until just a few minutes ago. I took the item out of the UPS box and straight onto the HWC for sale, didn't even see the refurb sticker until I saw the posted photos. Card is still under warranty though until this time next year.


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