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Want to Sell SOLD


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Oct 19, 2009
EDIT - OCT 14 2012 4:57 PM EDT - Sold. Thanks guys!

EDIT - AUG 29 5:19 PM EDT - Forgot an important detail. Sorry!
Hello Canucks!

So I'm looking to sell my spare Empire BT Delta paintball marker in order to upgrade to something a little more high-end, and figured I'd drop a note in here if anyone's interested. Here's the details:

Empire BT Delta .68 caliber semi-automatic paintball marker
-authentic milsim/tactical look (the marker is based off of the design of a very widely used PDW, not naming names for safety of the thread)
-collapsable/adjustable buttstock
-main body of the marker is almost completely covered in Picatinny rail so the marker is virtually 100% customizable if you want to add attachments, change the appearance, etc.

It's a great entry-intermediate level marker for anyone interested in paintball. The gun is in incredible shape, and has been built to last through just about anything. Has been thoroughly cleaned and oiled after every use.

So now for the price - Cash in person, or EMT [if shipping is required] are preferred

I'm asking $180 firm for the following:
-the BT Delta marker
-a 200-round standard gravity-fed paintball hopper
-all original parts/tools including a barrel sock (an absolute safety requirement) and the CD with the product manual

For $250 I'll send all of the above PLUS:
-An APEX barrel tip - This is a nifty little attachment for the end of the barrel that has a rubber ramp inside; the idea is you can set the depth of the ramp using a slide-selector switch and as the paintball exits the barrel, it catches a bit of backspin, allowing you to shoot further, or even hook your shots around cover, trees, etc. by rotating the whole tip.
-A variable weight hammer upgrade for the inside of the marker. Having a lighter hammer can improve air efficiency with the marker and causes less wear-and-tear on the inside of the chamber; less air pressure required to reset the hammer after each shot.
-A Gen X Global (GXG) 4-pod harness. For those who don't know, pods are tubes you can carry with you filled with extra paint (typically about 140 balls) - this harness can hold up to 4 pods, plus has a pouch for an air tank - should you decide that having the extra weight of the air tank on the marker is a bit too much for you, an alternate option would be to toss the tank into the harness and use a remoe line to connect from your tank to the marker to make things just a little lighter for you.

**PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO MASK OR AIR SOURCE INCLUDED** The marker works with both High Pressure Air/Nitrogen as well as Co2 (A 12oz Co2 cylinder runs about $20, cheap HPA tanks run about $60)

I'm in the Toronto area so anyone who is interested in local pickup is absolutely welcome to pay cash, anyone who should purchase this who requires shipping, a shipping cost can be included in the price and I can have it shipped out to you as soon as EMT clears (which thus far for my bank hasn't been very long at all :biggrin:)

Any questions, feel free to PM me!


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Dec 8, 2008
I know most people are hesitant on low post count BST'ers but I will personally vouch for Omega. After all, I am married to his cousin :)

And , I Know where he lives :canadianwave:



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Oct 19, 2009
Bump with update:

Individual pricing on the add-ins:
Apex Tip: $20
Harness: $15
Variable Weight Hammer: $35