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Some kind of ghosting-type issue...


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Oct 19, 2009
I had a thread opened a while back about some "tearing" I was experiencing on my one monitor, and after some further observation I realize the issue isn't exactly tearing, more like a ghosting or a memory issue or something.

Basically, what happens is for a split second, like a quick 1Hz out of my 60Hz on this monitory (which is actually a 21'' LED TV with a VGA port) I see.... something other than what I should. It's somewhat difficult to describe.

Some examples I have seen are:

When playing World of Warcraft, my display will sometimes flash what looks like a location other than where I'm standing, and it almost seems as though my whole status bar is shifted up and to the left for that quick split-second.

Noticed the other day shortly after booting up Portal 2, my display flashed for a quick second to my desktop. I only know this because Portal is a fairly cool, blue-hued game, and my desktop is NVIDIA green.

Just looking for a little insight, causes, solutions, theories, anything. Even a surefire way of possibly capturing the event since I don't currently have a way to record my desktop.

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