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Soundbar for Desktop PC


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
I haven't found that with mine. They aren't going to bounce you out of the house or anything but the bass is sufficient for what I like without a sub. I actually wanted to get rid of the sub under the desk, so these have worked great for me but were a upgrade from the Logitech cheapo set I had.

I don't watch movies and such on my PC though. Games sound good at reasonable volume. Music sounds great to my ears.


I have a sub , using soundcard as my x-over, think I used it for the first week or so and now it sits powered off. For everything I do games, movies, mellow music it is just fine.
Everything is nice a clear and punchy.
I have not been disappointed, will be picking up another set in spring for out at the pool for the wife, the wife loves them and kept trying to get my set all summer.

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