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Want to Sell Speaker wire, Audio cables, video cables, VGA, ethernet,


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Aug 16, 2009
Guelph/ Toronto
1. Ethernet Cables All Straight Type
- 40-50 foot.$10 (CAT5e 1000mbps)
- 7 foot ........$3 (CAT5 UTP 100mbps)
- 6 foot........ $2 (CAT5 UTP 100mbps)

2. 2X 6 foot, Pro Link, Pro Series, HD Concentric Audio Cable 14 GA /105 strand x2.... $15
- Ultra high quality speaker wire in perfect condition.
- $15 for the pair and will throw in two lower gauge 6 foot speaker wires for rear speakers for FREE!

3. 6 foot and 12 foot High Grade TV/internet coaxial cable CATV.... $1
-Not the cheep dollar store cables
$1 for all lengths

4. 4 Foot VGA cable for .... $10

5. 12 Foot Digital Optical Cable.....$5

Take all cables for only $20 Shipped!!

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Nov 14, 2008
Tillsonburg, Ontario
Hey have a few questions if you dont mind and I am somewhat interested depending.

I had some good Logietch speakers I believe they were like 400w or 500w

They had some pretty decent sound for being only 3 speakers (huge sub).

Anyway wife blew them up lol she likes her music. They lasted like a good 3 years I think. they were also erefurbs when we bought them.

I am told I get much better sound out of regular speakers (not computer speakers) is this true? If so what do I look for that isnt to expensive. Also will the cords your selling work to do this? As usually non computer speakers dont come with the connector to just plug into the back of your commputer (most of my computers have decent sounds cards from audigy2's up to that asus dsomething 2x thing (was 150 when i got it used).

Thanks for your input and free bump lol!