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SSD "Bait and Switch"


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Can you explain that? I was under the impression Samsung's Canadian RMA procedure was fixed....according to their reps.
Like Sky I've heard that Samsung's RMA system has gotten a lot better. And aren't Intel and Crucial supposed to be pretty good on their RMA process. Last SSD I had to RMA was an OCZ (pre-toshiba buyout) and it was absolutely painless.

And in fairness to NCIX, they're hardly the only ones stocking Samsung drives, they've long been available at MemEx and I think CC has had them for a while. Can't speak for Tiger direct since I only hit their site once every couple of years.
Can somebody officially confirm this? What's the current status WRT Canadian Samsung SSD RMA? Do we know for certain that a Canadian purchased SSD can be easily processed?

Do they have a canadian RMA or is it in the US? If it's in the US, do they pay shipping or do we?

I haven't even considered buying a Samsung SSD since the initial issues surfaced because I hadn't officially heard of any change. (Yes I know there's one in my sig, but that came second hand with a laptop.... ;) ).