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SSD durability as main drive these days


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Aug 12, 2011
Sammy 840 Pro is the only Samsung I recommend. Its good kit. I've used them in many builds. But once again....its a consumer grade SSD. For torrents you dont need SSD speed. Get a (for example) a 840 Pro for your OS drive and a 1TB black/cuda/etc for your 'data'.
I have 6TB of HDDs, not an issue. Not gonna torrent on the SSD, asking about it was just a way to gauge how durable they were now.

I do intend on putting games on the SSD tho.


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Oct 24, 2007
Games wont matter. Its mainly reads. Honestly until you get into the 20-50GB of writes per day NAND lifespan is a non-issue.

The Intel 5 series, Sammy 840 Pro, Crucial M series. All have great track records. All skim the best NAND for their own drives. All use great controllers with excellent firmware. All are backstopped by good warranties. ;)

YMMV but 520, 530, 840 Pro, M500, Neutron GTX, Extreme 2...even the Vector 150. All are good kit. Only ??? with the last one (vector) is the company backstopping it...otherwise it would be even higher on my personal 'use in client builds' list.