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Still want to be an MSI consumer?


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May 18, 2011
Big White Ski Resort
My problem with these sorts of things is the trickle down effect. It doesn't matter how big your company gets, if people start getting away with various things and damage the brand, things then tend to expound and get worse. This affects all areas of the business when people stop caring and doing their own things. The accountability goes out the window and like cancer, slowly infecting all employees. Nobody likes buying products sold as top end with subpar parts on it, so don't sell me junk claiming it's premium? It's like pissing on my head and calling it rain.

I have never bought an Asus product and had issues, every single video card and every single motherboard have been solid. I've never bought a Gigabyte mobo that wasn't stable. Two different MSI APU motherboards were a complete shit show.

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