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Want to Sell Stockpile clearout


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Feb 7, 2019
Starting a late fall cleaning of sorts. Some stuff is going into the electronics recycling but going to list a few things I don't intend on keeping. Ill likely find stuff to add to the list.

2x Koolance 6mm double sided HDD coolers.
$20/EA or $30 for the pair. Was planning a completely liquid cooled media server but abandoning this plan. These have never seen liquid. I seem to have lost 1 baggy of screws since relocating these so if sold separately second one won't have screws.


Black Ice 2x80mm rad. $30 I ran water through this with my prototype swamp cooler for about 30mm and hasn't been used since

PrimeCables monitor desk mounts $15/EA FIRM. I bought 4 to get free shipping 2 for office and 2 for work thinking this would work better for my monitors at home.but I'm keeping my double mount at home instead. $14.99 is their current list price


Razer Destructor special white edition. $20 I don't have the little paper booklet that was in the case originally I usually toss that paperwork.


Everything in photo $0.25 each
2x80mm fan grills
1x120mm fan grill
3x e-sata cables (2x black 1xgrey)
6 standard red data cables
6 90 degree red data cables

Also everything in photo $0.25 each
140/120mm fan adapter
7x VGA/DVI adapters
3 sizable cathode cables
3 dual molex to 8pin adapters
2 dual molex to 6 pin adapters
1 molex to 6 pin
1 really short molex to data
1 short molex to dual sata
1 fairly long molex to dual sata
3 typical length molex to 90 degree sata
9 Silverstone 120mm fan filters


Squirrel cage fan no mounting hardware $2 (unknown socket)
Molex extension with 3 pin fan splitter and separate tach lead $0.25
Molex extension with mini molex lead $0.25
Black single sleeved motherboard header extension kit (power switch etc) brand new in bag $2
3.5/2.5 drive adapter $1 (no screws)
DVD writer slot load standard data port, mini data power intended for project that never happened $10
Dual molex to 6 pin adapter $0.25
ROG dual SLI bridge $2
Asus 3 way SLI bridge $2

Monoprice MD-415ARC $25

EVGA 450BV $40. Has only ever been used to prime my pumps and run leak tests. Want an modular SFX for this purpose instead so it doesn't take up so much space.

Located in South Edmonton, shipping extra.
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Feb 7, 2019
bump... Added everything between speakers and the power supply and I didn't finish going through everything so there will still be more to add later.