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Strange power up problem


Aug 5, 2009
Hi Guys,

I recently put together my first i7 computer. But i have had a couple strange things happen.

Sometimes when i turn the computer off, and later try to start it it doesn't start at all.

The green diode on the mobo is on though, and no matter how many times i press power etc i won;t start.

The way i get it going again is that i take out the jumper that makes the board x58so go into recovery mode, i then turn the comp on no porblem (i don't even go into anything i just turn the computer on for a few seconds) i then turn it back off, replace the jumper to what it was and then the computer starts normally.

Has anybody else exerianced this before? (Might it be the board battery?)



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Jan 1, 2008
If you can recreate the problem on purpose, it shouldnt be too hard to diagnose.
1- unplug everything not relevent to starting your computer from the motherboard. Keep 1 stick of ram, your main hdd, vid card keyboard and mouse. remove all other sata/ide cables pci/x cards and ALL USB perifrials other than keyboard and mouse (though i've even seen a usb keyboard once that caused a no boot situation)
- run your computer as normally as you can and try to recreate the problem. If the problem seems to be gone, re attatch a couple items and try to create the problem again untill you can re create it then you'll have a good idea which part is causing the problem.

Note! It might seem like this procedure is time consuming and wastefull because it "seems" like its a problem with that other part. but remember, if you dont know what the problem IS, then you cant know what the problem ISNT. believe me when i say its better to get this part over with now then waste hours looking in a different area only to find out that it was a bloody USB stick or buggered dvd drive what was causing the problem all along.

2- have you actually tried resetting the CMOS instead of pulling that jumper to get it to start? pulling that jumper in effect resets the cmos as the computer sees a hardware change, so it may be entirely coincidental that pulling that jumper makes it boot. If resetting the cmos vs changing that jumper works, then see point one again as its quite likely a hardware problem.

3 if it really only works after pulling that jumper and you've already checked the other hardware, you might want to update the bios (if theres an update available) Dont update the bios before checking the hardware, it might seem like a pain in the ass pullin the guts out of your computer, but its alot easier to undo than some of the problems that might arise from updating your bios. especially if it doesnt solve the problem anyway.

Its pretty unlikly that its the batt causing the problem. The battery SAVES the cmos settings, if its dead, the cmos would reset every time you unplugged your computer and that would likely help you, not hurt you, in this situation.
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