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Streaming setup Q, semi-urgent?


May 5, 2007
Montreal, Canada
Hi all, I'm sitting on a cart with last-minute cyber monday deals, so I need a quick question answered from you guys.

I realize that the typical streamer setup seems to be:
Source PC/console HDMI ->
Capture card in second PC ->
Monitor or TV.

However, I'd like to try this, can someone tell me if it will work?
PC HDMI to 2-way HDMi splitter
& Xbox HDMI to 2nd 2-way HDMI splitter ->
One side of each splitter goes to the monitor/tv for each.
Second side of the splitters go to an HDMI 2-way *Switchbox* ->
Switchbox output goes into capture card input on second PC, capture card output unused.

Do you think this method will work?
Normally I wouldn't like the ideas of using splitters and switchboxes... But I'm trying to achieve the following:
A) No in-between PC (that presumably needs to be on) between a source and it's typical monitor or TV.
B) Still be able to use both the main PC and the console at the same time without problems.
C) possibly less latency? Aka not playing anything from a capture cards output.
D) easy and quickly switching from streaming console gaming to PC gaming and vice versa.

Let me know what you think guys, or if there's a better way. Sorry if I've been a bit confusing, but I've gotta figure this out before more things from my cart expire and/or run out of stock :/

Thanks all!!!


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2009
Edmonton, AB
I don't think you'll find many of us have ventured into setups anything like that, so I'm not sure you'll get a response.

I'd think reddit must have a streaming sub where you'll get a bit more input on this.