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Suggestion build.


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Aug 8, 2011
Vancouver, BC
You mentioned you had an old AMD machine, can't you re-use the case at the very least? You can save some money with the following:
  • Reuse the old case and may be PSU if it's a decent brand
  • Go down to 16GB of memory
  • Go down to 1TB of storage (the price diff is 50 bucks or so that's why I picked 2TB)
  • Move down to 7700XT for $130 less but I don't think it's a good move
  • Go with MSI or ASRock motherboard, I personally don't like them but they are cheaper
  • Go with another brand for storage, I picked the WD Black 850X because it got cache onboard
    • WD NVME is my go-to brand but may worth while to look into ADATA or Sabrent
    • Kingston is a no-go brand for me personally NVME wise

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