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Suggestions for cleaning EK Mystic Fog residue from blocks and res?


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May 18, 2011
Big White Ski Resort
Yoikes, that was a lot of crap! What was the rad installed in?!?!?
The inside of the "rad" is the bucket stuff. The other two pics are the combustion chamber for heating. All I'm getting at is the inside of your rad from the cooling fluid probably needs flushed. Typically copper tube.

I wouldn't use vinegar on the nickle tho. If you try and flush everything internally it may not work well. If you pump in and out of a bucket the sediment will fall to the bottom of the bucket. All I do is keep the suction side off the bottom of the bucket so it doesn't suck the crap back through.


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Apr 19, 2013
I'm attempting to show people what vinegar does to copper. Inside of rad is copper.
yea CL, sorry my previous comment was related to me being a bit of a dork and not realizing (when I asked what that residue was from) that you had already mentioned what you do for a living.

And considering that a lot of my job is supposed to be reading emails and actually understanding the content, I am just pissed at myself for missing the detail :p

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