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Suggestions for compact, rugged tower for portable VR


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Apr 19, 2013

Any suggestions on case/mobo if I wanted to build a tower to support a VR platform. Key points to consider:
1) Will probably need to ship this around a lot (so probably going to cram the tower into a pelican case
2) Want to try and set it up in kiosk mode (if possible) to avoid user interactions with the PC (as in it would be great if they could plug it in, turn it on, and it goes straight into VR app without needing to use a keyboard, mouse, or external monitor (okay this is more on the software config side)
3) Probably want to go with (minimum) 3060 for a GPU
4) Would need one extra PCI slot (for wireless card for headset)

Any suggestions on small form factor, ruggedized case/mobo that might work for this? Is there anything of the shelf or might I be better off part picking.

End state - Want a "portable" VR/PC that I will ship around Ontario (to more remote corners) to run safety training.

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