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Sunbeamtech UFO Acrylic Cube Case review by ProClockers


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
This roomy acrylic case offers ease of component swap, 120mm fan accomodation, and refined looks (and also comes in UV Blue)

"the Sunbeamtech UFO once built and running looks as if it was build from one solid piece of acrylic. All the joint and edges fit so smoothly to one another that it looks showroom display ready. Score one for Sunbeamtech.
It takes some time to get the unit fully assembled. That is why I called this a project through out the building process. You will need to set aside a decent amount of time to get the job done from start to finish. I would say about two hours plus depending on how much cable management you want to do. Not necessarily a bad thing as the sense of accomplishment is quite a buzz when you finish, but definitely worth noting.
I like the fact that Sunbeamtech placed holes in just the right locations for connecting cables to the motherboard. Not in one instance did I have to go across the board to connect a cable. Thumbs up! Score two for Sunbeamtech!
One thing that I did notice about this case compared to other clear acrylic cases on the market is that this unit uses 120mm rather than 80mm ones. After browsing the web this was the only one that I came across that did. As we all know by now, 120mm fans can push more air at lower fan speeds, meaning that you get better cooling at a lower level of noise. Score three for Sunbeamtech."

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