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System was not posting ...


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Jul 21, 2008
Rosemere, Qc, Canada
It's been a while I have posted here ... over two years, so I thought I would login today to tell a story.

I was trying to figure out why a system my wife was using would not post.
Power button did nothing and the system would only turn on briefly and turn off again after a few secs.
I swapped the power supply 1st, nothing. Tried a known to work video card ...nothing. Cleared the bios on the MB, did nothing. Checked the memory swapped them out, nothing.

I put the system in my workshop and left it there for a few weeks and decided to try again yesterday.
Turns out the power switch on the case was shorted out.
I used the reset switch instead and it's fixed :clap:


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Jan 22, 2009
Orillia, Ontario
here's to simple problems with simple fixes. this is why it's always good to pull it out of the case and try it on the box
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