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TekSavvy Modems


Nov 23, 2009
Is there any difference with the TP Link 8816 modem versus a Speedtouch modem such as the ST516?

I have a TP Link 8816 modem, currently, brand new. But, the speeds and quality of connection is really poor so Teksavvy told me to try a different modem. What should I do? How the heck can ISPs ask you to try a different modem? I know Rogers and Bell will try to force you to use theirs in order to get any kind of tech support. But, my modem is brand new. What are the chances that something is wrong with it when it's brand new and being used for the first time? Less than 1%?

I'm almost considering buying a ST516 to show it's not a modem problem. Also, they have sites for optimizing or configuring these Speedtouch modems and theys seem to be the main ones for DSL ISPs like Teksavvy and Alcanac etc. So, at least, I could say, this modem is what you guys use...it's fine...

I feel that Bell scrapped the wires or whatever when they last disconnected the phone (there was a Bell landline before). I'm on a dry loop right now using Vonage. I have a band rate of about $10 so the ISP rate plust the band rate so I'm a bit peeved to be paying $40+ for substandard internet connection/service.

I am sure this happens a lot with the 3rd party ISPs. But, how do I deal with this? I have no tools to test the line inside and my common sense tells me I had decent speeds before when I had Teksavvy and Bell (at different times). This is not my place but I was around to do the configuring/troublshooting and I'm definitely no expert, that's for sure.

I should consider a Speedtouch modem, perhaps? 'No idea of what to do now. :sad:


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Mar 17, 2007
An undisclosed location
i've been running my 516 going on 3 years now still going strong. btw St516+WRT54GL (or other linux based routers)+Tomato MLPPP = Internet Bliss (except for the speed)


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Apr 21, 2010
Hi, I just purchaced the TP-Link TD 8816 modem, but can't get it working. Is there any setup that needs to be done? Thanks.


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Jul 16, 2007
Toronto, ON
if were talking teksavvy. makesure your vpi/vci is set to 0 and 35.
Yup that's about all you need to do on the modem.

Then setup your router to use PPPoE for the WAN connection type and enter your username/password.

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