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Tesla Model 3


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Jan 24, 2011
Victoria, BC
I am certainly not saying we should not be having cars like the Tesla, it is necessary for innovation. Biggest problem is that Canada's infrastructure for electric only cars is pathetic at best. Hopefully we start actually changing our core beliefs to make these cars more usable for everyone.

I completely understand where youre coming from. If Musk's presentation during the Model 3 launch is accurate, we should begin seeing a supercharger network across Canada in the next couple years.

As others have stated, the Tesla in my eyes is a daily driving city car - addressing 95% of my driving needs. For the other 5% I have my gasoline vehicles.

I don't believe having an onboard internal combustion engine is the way of the future. Hybrids are a necessary half breed to solve range anxiety - a non-issue if you can either have multiple vehicles or drive less than 250km round trip on a single charge. Most people fit in one of the two criteria, if not both. As battery tech and charging options improve, there won't be any need for hybrids.