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Feb 17, 2008
Halifax, N.S.

A huge thank you and props for BFG Customer support...

My BFG GTX 285 recently fried, possibly the driver update that shut down my fan. I was stupid, and failed to register my BFG card when I purchased it almost a year ago. After it fried I called BFG who were extremely helpful. The customer support agent on the phone talked me through the registration process, sent me the RMA paperwork via email and set everythong up for the process. I dropped the card in Purolators hands and off it went.

Although the process to slightly longer than it should have, a few weeks later I received my NEW BFG card.

So even though I failed to do my part and properly register my product within the time required... BFG still stood behind their product and replaced mine when it went south.

BFG has certainly secured my loyalty for all future card purchases.


Thanks agin BFG, Thank you very much.


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Aug 17, 2007
Good to hear!

I had a BFG gtx 280, but I had a lot of problems it :(. Here's the story :
1) I buy the card from 3.0Charlie
2) 1 month after, it dies
3) 3.0Charlie set up the RMA for me and send it out
4) 2 weeks after, I meet 3.0Charlie again to get the new card
5) I'm happy

2) it dies again... same process

2) it dies again
3) They don't trust me for a 3rd RMA, 3.0Charlie had to talk to a manager
4) After 2 weeks, they finally decide to send me another one
5) I receive it, and decide to get rid of it

Conclusion : I won't buy another BFG product, but I can say that the RMA process can be really quick for a person in QC, because they have a warehouse not too far from Montreal.

P.S. Thanks again to 3.0Charlie for helping me out for a total of 3 RMA! I bought an evga gtx 275 from him to replace my gtx 280 hehe. It's still going strong!


Aug 4, 2007
nice. so they sent you a new 285? after dec 2008 i think theyre more finicky or supposed to be but from what you are saying, they keep up the same level of customer support as always :)

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