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That overdue 5700g build log


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Oct 14, 2012
Hi everyone,

this summer was the right time for me to change my 6700k system for some more power, as encoding my movies to h265 were taking too long.

I postponed the build log of this one, as life kept me busy ;)

Here are the details and events, just for fun (it may help someone doing something similar).

I always go for silence and balanced performance 🧐

The components are :

Mb : Gigabyte B550-I Aorus pro ax

Cpu : Amd ryzen 5700G

Cooler : Shadow rock lp

Ram : Adata xgp gammix d20 2x16gb ddr4-3600

Hd : PNY XLR8 CS3030 2tb nvme

Psu : Evga supernova 550 gm

And some noctua fans


And all of this fits in a the silverstone SG13.


I was planning to use the Asus ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING at first, but after seeing much reporting on bugs with the intel 2.5gb lan, I switched to gigabyte with the realtek one.

Removing the am4 plastic brackets to install those for the shadow rock lp was very easy. They posted a nice video manual to proceed with everything.


Installing the low profile ram and then the cooler. It covers mostly everything you need to plug on the right side of the motherboard.


It feels all empty in that case.


I used some 90 degres 24 pin power / usb header adapter, as it would have bend too much without them.

As you can also see, that sfx psu is a tight fit, leaving only 1-2 mm clearance.

I then added my old WD Red 8tb drive


And my old 1660 ti :


It's a cable mess, but everythings in :


What I worried about but went well

The q-flash plus function.

The motherboard box did not have any "Ryzen 5000 ready" sticker. So I simply put the last bios on an old 4gb fat32 stick and used the magic button.

It took 5 minutes to update with only the main 24 pin and cpu 8 pin plugued. A godsend.

It booted first try, but took a minute to post. This board likes to make you nervous each time there is a cmos reset.

The ram xmp 3600 profile

Loaded fine and passed memtest ok. This ram default at 2666 by the way, not 2133.

Bluetooth, usb and onboard network

Happy to report that bluetooth disapearing, usb disconnecting and lan bugs seem to be fixed in the last agesa / bios available.

The ctdp 35w / 45w profiles

As I plan to use this computer as an htpc in a few years, I wanted to put it in 35w/45w mode for more silence. The configuration was easy to find in the bios and they work very well.

What went wrong / was unexpected

Temp skyrocketed to 95c quickly

I did not tightened the screws enough on the cpu heatsink.

I reinstalled it, put the leftover good old Artic silver 5 thermal paste and that was it.

Too much thermal paste

Now that the heatsink was applied with enough force, I quickly saw that there was too much thermal paste. The surplus got on the sides of the cpu.

Thermal paste on cpu pins!

What a mess and an horrible sight. Sorry, did not want to keep a pic of it. New cpu, silver 5 on 3 outside pins. Toothbrush and 90% rubbing alcohol did the trick. I was lucky, as none of it went on the socket.

Heat saturation

When doing some handbrake encoding or cinebench tests, temp rose slowly to 95c and then thermal throttling on the default ctdp 65w profile.

I had to enable PBO and then set manually to a max ppt of 70w instead of the default 88w.

Now temp rise to low 80 on heavyload. Job done.

Front case fan not spinning on every boot

The front case fan was configured to the system temp sensor and did not get enough voltage to start spinning on every boot.

Changing the fan to cpu temp sensor in the bios fixed it.

Not enough clearange between the cpu heatsink and the psu

The included evga sfx adapter does the job, but I tried the silverstone one I had. Much better.

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Oct 14, 2012
Here is the difference between evga / silverstone. You do gain a few mm.


I flipped the psu , so hot air get out more easily.

This build is very silent, noise is ok on heavy loads for my personal taste.

I tried a Noctua NF-F12 PWM on the cpu heatsink, but there was something in the sound of it, weird frequency my ears did not like.

Temps were similar, maybe 2 degrees less.


I did learn a few things building this one, again, and are enjoying it a lot in the last month.

Doing a lot of movies conversion with handbrake. It's a least 2x quicker than my old 6700k system.

I don't game a lot, but been playing Doom 2016 at 1080p at max settings on my 144hz gsync compatible asus lcd is very fun.

Thanks for the reading!
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Oct 14, 2012
I was lucky, those D20s are dual ranked!

I had a choice between them or the Corsair LP (in stock at the time) and I don't regret it.

Edit : cpu-z printscreen


It's a nice bonus, as I was sure they were single.
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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
I think most of the D series 2X16GB kits are still shipping as DR. Good to get confirmation.


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Dec 3, 2012
Chilliwack...Time Is Just A Rubber Band....
This is a nice build. I am curious if you bench ran the CPU out of the case under load to get an idea of how much the case is impacting the cooling. The CPU fan is certainly being challenged by the proximity of the PSU I would think.


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Oct 14, 2012
Unfortunatly I did not bench the cpu outside the case or with the case open.

My suggestion to somebody trying the same thing in a SG13 would be to use a 120mm aio.

You could then add a proper side fan on the right near the psu, as the shadow rock lp does not leave enough clearance space.

Like this :


However, I don't know if it would be on the same noise level.


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Apr 22, 2011
So, the transcoding is it done purely on the cpu or on the Vega iGPU ? What software are you using ?


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Oct 14, 2012
The transcoding is done on the cpu via handbrake, h265 10 bit with aac for audio.

If you use the gpu for transcoding, the files are always bigger, as it is more optimized for streaming.

I use Anydvdhd (lifetime license) to unlock the dvd / bluray and then do the job with handbrake.

For some problematic movies, I had to use makemkv to rip them, as anydvdhd would fail.

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