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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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Dec 2, 2006
Okanagan Falls, British Columbia
I'm like level 26 with my current character and I can't take a dragon on one on one. :haha:
Get your enchanting and smithing skills up, once you do create a set of buffed element armor, hunt dragons, profit.
Use ice against fire and fire against ice.

For me the pesky thing with dragons is not having the force landing shout yet and even zoomed I hate using bows unless I have too.


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Jun 25, 2010
Or level magic, and just pillar hump. I can usually get through a fight without having to heal.

Magic is really over powered :blarg:


May 5, 2007
Montreal, Canada
Dragons? Pfft... Easy Peasy. One good power attack to the face interrupts any shout attack they use on you. Slice slice slice power-attack, slice slice slice power-attack, rinse and repeat till dead. Dragon armor is hideous anyways, so I don't bother killing them unless they tick me off.

@Arundor: Yes, I've seen *those* people that you're mentioning. But they're all Nords, why the hell would they welcome the Imperial that ____ed them? (Only one can be there at a time methinks, and only the one you _____). So its "Hey there and welcome to ______, you ___ed me, but that's okay!" ... WTF. Bad storyline, I can't in good conscience play any other race now since it makes no sense whatsoever in the story. I've been written into a corner as to my race selection...

The whole "perks" thing still ticks me off too... Why bother creating multiple characters? One guy can do it all without any penalties... Can sneak in full plate, cast in heavy armor, etc etc... Say what? You're level 20 and want to start a completely new "perk" tree? Go for it! Bleh... Takes the fun out of making decisions in the early game... the whole point is that you CANT be a jack of all trades.... cause then you're a master of none... Unless you're in Skyrim and are the best in the world at everything (and people call you an @#$%^& behind your back).


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Oct 3, 2007
Killing some drgons can be a little hard, I ran into two earlier in the game but I was lucky becasue what I did was ran towards some giants and the started attacking one of the dragons I was then able to keep attacking the otherone when it landed, the trick with mele attacks is to keep between the rear part of the wing and the tail by moving with the dragon

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