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The ONLY Way to Buy an AMD GPU at the Advertised Price!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD. It’s very obvious that the GPU market is in shambles right now. Whether it’s from Nvidia or AMD, it’s extremely hard to find a GPU to buy. Not only that, but thanks to the pandemic and the expiration of tariff exemptions, the prices are pretty insane. You can see price increases that range from 80$ to a couple of hundred dollars on some models.

Well, if you want to buy your GPU at MSRP, specifically an AMD one, you’re gonna have to stop looking at your favorite online and retail stores. No more Newegg, no more fry’s, no more Canada computers.

You’re going to have to move that refresh button over to AMD.com. In an interview with Babel Tech reviews, AMD’s senior director Ritche Corpus said that the company is extending its production of reference design cards to make it available to as many gamers as possible. The best part, they will be available at SEP pricing.