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The Steam Deck Competition is HERE!


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Oct 2, 2006

So, during computex, the company unveiled something that I was super interested in. And no, its not Zen 4, and it wasnt the 600 series of motherboards. It was, Corsairs new laptop… Im kidding it was what they called Mendocino. Their everyday laptop chip for everyday people.

This chip comes equipped with up to 4 cores and 8 threads based on the Zen 2 architecture, and it has RDNA 2 graphics. All of that based on the same 6nm process node as their ryzen 6000 laptop chips. The reason why I was interested in it so much is because, well if it had enough RDNA 2 cores, this thing could be a serious contender to the steam deck. The steam deck starts at 399USD all the way up to 649 but the processor doesn't change. Mendocino laptops also start at 399 but can get more expensive at up to 699. That’s the price range they’re targeting.

And that chip doesn't have to go into a laptop. Introducing the AYA neo Air Plus. This Mendocino-equipped handheld PC starts even cheaper than the steam deck at 199USD for their community members or 289USD for anyone else. That price point definitely tingled my spidey senses.. Not in a good way. Actually are spidey senses ever good ? Anyway,s Yeah, it looks like my hopes for steam deck performance are gone.

According to both a blogpost on Weibo and then added by Angstronimics on their publications, Mendocino’s graphics would have 2 RDNA 2 Compute units. That’s 128 stream processors. In comparison, the steam deck has 512.

But Aya isnt done here, There’s one more chip that might eat at least a portion of the Steam Deck’s lunch. It’s called the AYA Loki and it has multiple configs but In that list, the one model the steam deck might be worried about is the Loki equipped with a 6600U. Given that the company that makes the AYA neo’s usually do everything it can to use all the performance of a chip on their handhelds, the Loki might gain some market share.the 6600U model has a 6 core 12 thread cpu. It does have less RDNA 2 CU’s at 6 total, but with its higher frequency, we’re looking at 1.45Teraflops. Lower than the steam deck, for sure, but considering these usually have low-resolution displays at about 1280*800, like the steam deck, CPU performance is definitely more important. That’s why reviews use down to 720p to benchmark CPU’s. At that level, The 499 Aya neo Loki is a beast.